Kick your nostalgia engines into high gear and zoom over to Stars & Stripes New Braunfels for a night of fast-paced fun with Sonic the Hedgehog!

Almost 30 years after the groundbreaking Sega video game, everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic blue hedgehog is finally zooming onto the big screen in his first live-action adventure! Parks and Recreation’s Ben Schwartz voices Sonic as the little guy comes to Earth in an attempt to escape evil forces hoping to harness his super speed. Sonic crosses paths with a local sheriff, played by James Marsden, who helps his new hedgehog pal evade the clutches of Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik… an evil force hoping to harness Sonic’s super speed.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an energetic blast from the past that’s sure to thrill both old and new audiences alike, and it’s all at Stars & Stripes New Braunfels! Click the link below to get your tickets!


See you at the drive-in!