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January 24th, 2019

Isn’t It Romantic Movie In Lubbock Now Showing At Star and Stripes


One of the best ways to celebrate the season of love with that special person in your life is to spend time together watching a romantic movie. And not just any romance movie, you need to see Isn’t It Romantic this February at the drive-in theater.

Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic comedy written by Erin Cardillo, Katie Silberman and Dana Fox, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (Final Girls 2015), and starring the witty and funny Rebel Wilson as the lead character. You all remember her from Pitch Perfect right? She blew us away with her hilarious acting there.

So get ready to experience her magical and hilarious touch in this movie, as she plays the role of Natalie, an anti-romantic architect who is neither noticed nor appreciated at work.

She is living in her world until an unforeseen event changed her entire life, making her experience that exact thing she was against, romantic comedy.

Rebel gets entangled in a love triangle with Liam Hemsworth and Adam Devine. And judging from how Adam Devine and Rebel have been quite smitten with each other in some movies, we are looking at them going down that road again in this movie.

For the lovers of Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, you get to see your favorite Indian actress in this movie as Isabella the yoga ambassador. This is the third Hollywood movie she has starred in.

Just what happened to Rebel to toss her life into this romantic comedy? Well, you will have to see the movie this February at Stars and Stripes Drive-in Movie Theater in Lubbock.

Other actors and actresses who starred in romantic comedy, are Jennifer Saunders, Betty Gilpin, and Tom Ellis.

This movie aims to teach viewers to love themselves first, no matter who and what we are. Self-love is one of the key themes of this movie.

Judging from the trailer, we can say that Todd Strauss-Schulson has really done well with this movie, so let's keep calm and countdown to February 14th, when this blockbuster will hit the cinemas.

You can get your advanced tickets this and other amazing movies at Star and Stripes Drive-in Theater in Lubbock. Make memories under the stars!


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