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December 6th, 2019

Stars & Stripes Lubbock wants to welcome you back to the jungle with a rip-roaring return to the perilous world we can’t help but love! From Sony Pictures, it’s Jumanji: The Next Level!

In 2017, the previous Jumanji film introduced us to Spencer, Bethany, Fridge and Martha: a teenage set of unlikely friends who are magically transported into a mysterious videogame as an all-star set of avatars played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. Now, when Spencer is sucked back into the game, it’s up to his friends to go in after him. 

Things aren’t quite the same this time around, however, with Spencer’s grandpa Eddie (played by Danny DeVito) entering the game as Johnson’s avatar along with his elderly friend Milo (played by Danny Glover) as Hart’s character. So, in other words, the character Smolder Bravestone is played by Dwayne Johnson as Danny DeVito while Franklin Finbar is played by Kevin Hart as Danny Glover… and so on and so forth. Make sense? Movies are FUN!

And a night of fun is precisely what’s in store at Stars & Stripes Lubbock! Click the link below to get your tickets to Jumanji: The Next Level!


See you at the drive-in!

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