Open NIGHTLY Rain or Shine at 6:00 PM |

Make Memories with Us!

Our goal is to create the best and most unique movie viewing experience for all our visitors. To ensure everyone has a great time at the drive-in we have a few basic rules.

  • Be considerate of your neighbors

  • Do not leave children unattended

  • Must purchase ticket to switch screens

  • Do not sit on top of vehicles

  • Be sure the back hatch of your vehicle is not blocking the view of others - you can ask for twine in the 50's Cafe

  • Please do not run vehicle if parked near others sitting outside. If idling your vehicle is needed, park far away from other patrons.

  • No Littering - Please help us keep the drive-in beautiful and throw away your trash

  • No alcohol

  • No glass

  • No gas or charcoal grills/stoves

  • Pets must remain inside car.

  • Pets are not allowed at the playground, patio or 50's Cafe.

  • No re-admittance with/without tickets

  • Notify box office if leaving for an emergency

  • No raincheck or refund without ticket

  • Refunds and rainchecks given at manager's discretion

  • No loud music

  • Keep chairs close to car

  • Only take up 1 parking space

  • Do not shine lights on screen

  • Not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property

  • Speed Limit 10mph

  • No outside food or drink allowed at patio or 50's Cafe seating

  • No smoking within 50 feet of 50's Cafe building, patio or playground area.  Please properly dispose of cigarette butts

  • No smoking if parked near others.

  • Costume Policy -- Masks, hats, helmets, and face painting that covers the face are not allowed.