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What happens if my car battery dies?

No need to panic. Walk to the 50's Cafe and ask for a boost. We are happy to give you a FREE jumpstart with a portable battery pack ASAP. Crew members are available in the 50's Cafe even at the end of the 2nd movie.

Do you close after the summertime?

We are open year-round. During the summertime and school holidays, we are open every night. In the fall and winter, we are open 3-5 days a week.

Do you show movies if it rains?

We show movies rain or shine. If the rain is so heavy that it inhibits the view of the screen and we have to stop the show, we will issue rainchecks for the double-feature you are watching. Issuing rainchecks in other circumstances is solely up to the discretion of Stars & Stripes management.

How do you get the movie sound?

Use your car radio or portable stereo to tune to one of our 3 drive-in radio stations. Be sure to tune into the designated station upon arrival for entertainment, announcements, and giveaways!

Can I watch a movie on one screen and then watch a second movie on another screen?

Tickets are issued for a double-feature on the same screen. You may watch a second feature on another screen, but you must exit the theatre and purchase new tickets from the box office. Switching theatres or turning around and watching a movie on another screen is prohibited. We must enforce this policy to comply with film licensing rules. People in violation of this policy will be courteously asked to leave the theatre.

How do I keep my hatch-back from blocking my neighbor’s view?

Make sure your hatch does not open higher than the roof line of your SUV or van. If you back into your parking space, please center your vehicle on the ramp so the back end will not be pitched up as high. You may also ask for string at the box office to tie the hatch down to the appropriate level.

How much room do I have to put out my lawn chairs?

Each car is allowed a 12 ft x 20 ft parking space. Please place lawn chairs in front of your vehicle so you do not take up more than one space. We try to only enforce this rule on busy nights when it is necessary to accommodate other patrons. If you need more space to spread out, we would encourage you to visit the drive-in during the weekdays.

How do you come up with your double-features?

We try our best to match up movies that “make a good pair.” Several factors play into this weekly decision-making process that include the price of each movie, demand to see a movie, the storylines, and the ratings. We work hard to bring you the movies you want to see at a great price.

Do you have a list of movies you will be playing in the future?

As we schedule movies we will add them to the calendar and our interactive movie listings. Another great way to know what is coming up on the big screen is to join Movie Mail and receive a weekly email that details the upcoming movies. As soon as we know our weekly bookings and upcoming hits, we provide that information in Movie Mail so you can plan ahead.

Are pets allowed at the drive-in?

We are animal lovers. However, in consideration of the movie-watching experience and safety of others, we ask that you keep Fido in your car. Animals are not allowed on the playground or inside the 50's Cafe.

When should we arrive to get a good parking spot?

An old saying applies here. “The early bird gets the worm.” There is no set time to show up because it always depends on the movies and the time of the year. On Friday and Saturday nights, you should arrive as early as possible. If you do not like crowds, then during the summertime we would encourage you to catch a movie Sunday through Thursday. If you are meeting friends and wanting to park together, you should meet at the drive-in well before show time because we do not allow saving of parking spaces. We have a full service snack bar called the 50s Cafe, a playground for the kids, and picnic tables so you can enjoy eating dinner and being outdoors in the evening. Of course, you should not miss the beautiful sunsets.

Do you offer group pricing or host special events?

If you have a group of 100 people or more, contact us via email to coordinate. We would be excited to host your event at the drive-in. If you would like to have a special event at the drive-in movie park or at your location, inquire about our mobile oudoor movie screen at

Can I buy advanced tickets?

Advanced tickets can be purchased online via our online ticket system. Click on the "buy tickets" link located in the movie scheduler on the home page or on the individual movie page, or click here.

Can I reserve parking spaces for my group or my friends?

Please do not attempt to save parking spaces. We only enjoy drama on our big screens and not amongst our patrons. This policy is the only way to be fair to all customers. Plan to arrive as a group shortly after the drive-in opening time to set up within your parking spaces.

Do you allow RVs or busses?

Yes, you are always welcome to join the fun. Please understand that it is much easier to accommodate your large vehicle on nights other than Friday or Saturday. You may also park in the Autotorium (back row) of the theatre.

Do I have to watch both movies?

No. You may watch the first feature and leave or you can arrive just for the second feature. Either way, it is the same great ticket price.

Can I bring my grill or cook in the theatre?

For safety reasons we do not allow grills, open flames, or fires.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks?

Outside food is allowed, however, we have a full service snack bar called the 50's Cafe that serves dinners, deserts, drinks, and snacks. You will be impressed with our prices. Check out our menu and be sure to try the Famous Chihuahua Sandwich or a funnel cake.

Can you tell me what will be showing in the next few weeks so I can plan a birthday party?

You can use our interactive movie listings on the homepage and also see upcoming movies on the calendar. If the date for your party or event doesn't have any scheduled movies. Another great way to plan a movie night in advance is to sign up for Movie Mail and see the opening dates of the upcoming movies. We also offer our mobile screen for birthday parties or other special events. If the date you are needing to plan a party or event for isn't yet scheduled you may email further questions to

Do you allow smoking?

Yes, but no smoking within 50 feet of the 50's Cafe and playground or when parked near others.