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The Avengers: Inifinity War

April 23rd, 2018


The Avengers: Infinity War

Everyone loves a good team: Batman and Robin, chips and queso, the Jackson 5. But when the Earth's mightiest superheroes come together, there is nothing quite like it. There have been over 18 different Marvel movies and they are all about to tie everything together with six gems and an overwhelming, cosmic villain in the latest Marvel hit, The Avengers: Infinity War.
More than any other Marvel movie, The Avengers: Infinity War features more good guys than any superhero cinematic project. Together, the good guys come together to attempt to beat Thanos, a massive villain wielding a legendary metal glove in search of six all-power infinity stones to give him unparalleled power.
Knowing that this movie is bringing together about 20 movie plots, here’s what do you need to know going into The Avengers: Infinity War.



1. Thanos


In the first Avengers film, Thanos appears at the end of the credits. He tasks Loki, Thor’s brother, to lead an army against Earth’s heroes. After a failed attempt by Loki, we see Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy where he assigns Ronan the Accuser to snag a mysterious Orb, but is again thwarted. Finally, Thanos takes destruction into his own hands and comes to our world to collect the infinity stones.

2. Infinity Stones

Infinity stones are an integral part of Infinity War. As a refresher, here are a few reminders of where we’ve seen them before. In Guardians of the Galaxy, The Collector explains that the stones date back to creation itself and are composed of cosmic power that can only be handled by people of extraordinary strength. These stones have different purposes. They are:
-Time Stone: Give the wielder control over time.
-Space Stone: Opens portals in space show possible visions of the future, and fuel dangerous weapons.
-Power Stone: This stone can wipe out an entire planet’s civilization (yikes).
-Reality Stone: Brings the dead back to life.
-Mind Stone: This stone allows the holder to control others.
-Soul Stone: This is the only stone that has not been introduced in the Marvel movies. Noone quite knows the purpose of it or the powers it holds, but we might soon figure it out in the upcoming movie.

3. Where does the movie begin?

Loki holds the space stone and the collector is assumed to have the reality stone. Additionally, the power stone is being guarded by space cops and Doctor Strange has the time stone housed in an amulet. The Mind stone is embedded into the forehead of, Vision, an Avenger. As for the Soul stone, it’s hard to know where it’s located. There are rumors it is in Wakanda, the high tech African country. The movie follows Thanos in pursuit of each of the stones. In order to protect all civilizations, superheroes band together to fight Thanos.
There’s a lot more to these intricate movies and it’s generally just a lot to take in. But it’s a basis to help refresh your experience with The Avengers and follow along in the new movie The Avengers: Infinity War. Be sure to grab your tickets at Stars and Stripes Movie Drive-In Movie Theatre here
The Avengers: Infinity War opens April 27.