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September 27th, 2019

Terrifying clowns are all the rage these days and the Clown Prince himself is finally getting his own origin story as Stars & Stripes New Braunfels brings you Joker!

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck, a down on his luck clown that just wants to make everyone laugh. After a series of hardships and failures, Fleck turns to a life of crime and chaos, donning the persona of Joker, the maniacal villain who’s anything but funny.

Audiences are certainly no stranger to Batman’s arch nemesis. Phoenix makes the fifth actor to portray the Joker in a live-action adaptation. The film is also the first since 2013’s Man of Steelto stray from the DC Universe continuity with its own standalone character study. So don’t expect any Will Smith quips or bright-eyed foster children with super powers. Joker is rated R for a reason, and promises to be a dark and gritty psychological thriller that’s more social commentary than it is exploding whoopee cushion.

Join Stars & Stripes New Braunfels under the pale moon light with Joker! Click the link below to get your tickets.

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