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October 23rd, 2018

Halloween 2018 in New Braunfels

Following the 1978 horror-slasher film Halloween, this sequel is a continuation that throws out all nine of the Halloween movies of the past 40 years.  Co-written and directed by David Gordon Green, this film follows the characters Michael Myers, played by  P.J. Soles, and Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, as they seek to finish the evil business begun over four decades ago.  Horror film lovers in Austin will not want to miss this Halloween movie!

Families, especially those will small children, should take caution with this film.  It is rated R and is quite violent.  A complete family review is available on Common Sense Media where they recommend only those 17 and older catching this one.

The Halloween movie does convey the message of optimism and strength through the role Curtis plays as Laurie Strode. Viewers will see the importance of a positive will in life and how much this can help a person overcome a lot of bad circumstances.  Strode is a strong woman with a will to exact her revenge on Myers for what started 40 years earlier.   Common Sense Media says, “And, in perhaps the film's most significant break from tradition, the female characters -- while menaced by a male stalker -- are the smartest and strongest ones in the film. It's creepy, tense, fun; violent as hell; and downright feminist. This alternate-universe-sequel Halloween takes its place among the more respectable entries of the slasher genre.”

Watch Halloween at Stars and Stripes Drive-in Theater near Buda, TX

No review can drive home the point like a personal experience. Why not make your way to the drive-in theater near San Antonio and come experience the Halloween movie for yourself. It promises to not just be fun, but also become to you one of the best Halloween movies yet.  Order your tickets online today!

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