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What You Need to Know Before You See Blade Runner 2049

October 17th, 2017
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What You Need to Know Before You See Blade Runner 2049


At Stars and Stripes Movie Theatre, we are a fan of classic movies. Blade Runner, the prequel to Blade Runner 2049, instantly comes to mind when you think of staple Sci-Fi movies. Racking up the most impressive reviews of the year, Blade Runner 2049 is a must see for movie-goers, but it won’t make much sense if you haven’t seen the first one.


The First Movie


Blade Runner 2049 reimagines the original 80s prequel with a 21st century mindset. In the first movie of the franchise, Harrison Ford plays a bounty hunter (AKA Blade Runner), enlisted to find Nexus 6 replicants. These replicants were made as slaves for Earth’s off world colonies and have runaway to save themselves. The movie tracks along Harrison Ford as he is challenged by more than just his job, but his idea of humanity and emotion on a broad scale.


It’s Captivating


The quality of this movie is incredible. The graphics and music blend perfectly together to create a saturated sci-fi vibe. With a post-apocalyptic setting, Blade Runner 2049 blends dark images with stark neon lights as it carefully builds a detailed world. Pay attention to the details – the art director incorporated the tiniest of details to thoroughly create a post-apocalyptic setting.


It’s Out Now


This might seem obvious, but Blade Runner 2049 is out today! We suggest you watch the first one beforehand, but if you don’t, that is okay too! Stars and Stripes Movie Theatre is the ideal place to watch a movie in the fall. As the weather cools off, snuggle up in a car with your friends and family as you watch the latest flick!

Check out movie times for Blade Runner 2049 and buy your tickets today!

Fall Events in New Braunfels Area

October 4th, 2017
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Fall Events in New Braunfels Area


Fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Before we step into celebrating fall, we want to give a huge shout out to everyone who made our summer events happen! We couldn’t do it without our great staff and incredible customers!


Summer Recap


A summer of face painting and red carpets to ring in some incredible films. First, the summer brought the new Beauty & Beast movie. Belle made an appearance at our red carpet for pictures! We also had free face painting for the kiddos.

When Wonder Woman came into theaters, we couldn’t help but celebrate! Incredible concessions, fun face painting, and a cool red carpet were a few of the incredible elements that made the premiere special!

Additionally, we had a minion join us for the Despicable Me 3 premiere and a night of face painting for the Cars 3 opening. Even our sister drive-in movie theater in Lubbock joined in on the fun with similar events. They celebrated 14 years of appreciation for customers with $14 carload night too!


Fall is Here


Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the fun is! New Braunfels and San Antonio have some incredible events this fall – including FREE festivals in San Antonio. Our friends at San Antonio Mom Blogs compiled an incredible list of free events for your family to enjoy this fall. This list includes, free story time, a weekly group run, and free art exhibits! Learn more here.

We are also open this fall! Be sure to swing by for 2 movies for 8 bucks! What was your favorite memory of this summer? Comment below!

9 Every Day Things Horror Movies Made Terrifying

August 24th, 2017
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9 Every Day Things Horror Movies Made Terrifying


The horror genre has the uncanny ability to make everyday things terrifying. From mirrors to getting food out of the fridge, warping the tiniest thing about an everyday object can make you paranoid for months. In honor of the horror movie, IT, coming to theaters the first weekend of September, we have compiled a list of 9 things that horror movies have made terrifying.




Horror movies have made us question are own safety by utilizing mirrors as a tool to make you jump as the sinister villain suddenly appears in the reflection. There are countless movies that feature a scene where a character is getting ready for bed or trying to calm down in a private space as they look at themselves in a mirror. It’s hard to look at mirrors the same way after being scarred by a movie like Mirrors…



We can all admit that we have walked into the bathroom and checked behind the shower curtain to make sure that there wasn’t a serial killer. Psycho, one of the most iconic horror movies that featured a shower murder and has made showering become one of the most anxiety enducing everyday activities.



Phone Calls


Initially, phone calls might not scare you. It’s not like the phone can do anything to you. But, scary movies like Scream and When a Stranger Calls, elicit us to question anyone who calls at an abnormal hour.



Nursery Rhymes

1-2 Freddy’s coming for you, 3-4 better lock the door. Nursery Rhymes have added a whole dimension of creepy by manipulating a melody to inflict fear into the watcher. There is nothing creepier than a child singing a nursery rhyme in a horror movie.



In every horror movie, there is inevitably a chase scene that involves a staircase. This is usually the moment you scream “NO! NO! DON’T GO UPSTAIRS,” as you brace yourself for the loud and terrifying demise of a secondary character who stupidly ignores your advice. Not only are you annoyed, but now you have a fear of dark staircases.



Throughout the history of horror classics, there are many movies that feature dolls wreaking havoc. From Child’s Play to Annabelle: Creation, possessed dolls make you think twice when you are walking past a row of them in your grandma’s house.

Getting Food Out of the Fridge

How many times has there been a scene that features a character going to a fridge to grab food? As a character opens the door and takes an excruciatingly long time to pick their food, the killer waits behind the door to pounce. Food is supposed to be a comfort, and horror movie has exploited it for it's own advantage. 





For most people nowadays, clowns were never been a normal thing to begin with. But in medieval culture, clowns were a popular form of entertainment and brought laughter and humor into situations. As time progressed, you would see clowns at the circus and at birthday parties. IT, the classic Stephen King novel, capitalized on warping clowns into a sinister element and made one of the most iconic horror stories of all time. Now, more people than not hate clowns. This September, the remake of IT is coming to theaters. Check out movie times for IT here. You won’t want to miss this.



What else do you think horror movies made terrifying? Comment below!


Memorial Day at Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater in New Braunfels

May 24th, 2017
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Memorial Day at Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater in New Braunfels


Memorial Day weekend kicks off the drive-in movie season and we couldn’t be more excited. There is no better way to spend time during a long weekend than taking a trip to Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater in New Braunfels. We are a fun and family friendly establishment that is the perfect activity to bring your friends and whole family!

With a fully stocked concession stand, playground, affordable prices, and friendly staff, we are ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with you! We were even voted the most underrated attraction in Texas by Good Housekeeping, so you will be sure to have a memorable time!

This weekend, Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean premier as the first Summer blockbusters




Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The fifth installment of the Pirates series sets sail this Thursday. Johnny Depp once again dons his Jack Sparrow attire and is accompanied by an array of new characters. His old nemesis, Captain Salazar and his ghost pirate pack escape Devil’s Triangle and are determined to kill every pirate at sea. In typical archetypal fashion, the unscrupulous Jack Sparrow must go on a quest to retrieve the only thing that could possibly save him – the Trident of Poseidon.

What could only make this better is if it was coupled with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Lucky for you, movie times for Pirates of the Caribbean are paired with Guardians. It’s the perfect family friendly option for this holiday weekend.





Famous for its well-known slo-mos and classic eye candy, the 90s sitcom is back and ready for reboot. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays Mitch Buchannon who butts heads with brash, recruit Matt Brody (Zac Efron). Together, they uncover a criminal plot that threatens the Bay.

Make this Memorial Day a memorable one by checking out our movie times and watching a summer flick under the stars.


Alien: Covenant - Alien Universe Timeline

May 18th, 2017
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Alien: Covenant - Alien Universe Timeline




When Alien hit theaters in 1979, it blew up the alien archetype and revolutionized the science fiction genre by taking a step away from the friendly, space imagery to a scarier perspective of space. With the upcoming release of the sixth installment of the series, it can be hard to keep track of the timeline. Below is a general overview of the series to help you brush up on your Alien knowledge to prepare for the premiere of Alien: Covenant.



Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus takes place 30 years before the first Alien movie (1979). Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan-Marshall Green) lead a team that are searching for the origins of humanity. They journey on the ship Prometheus and arrive on a distant world in the same region in which Alien is found. They discover the remains of an advanced civilization and terror elicited by a horrific alien race. This is not necessarily a prequel to Alien, but is set in the same universe.


Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien: Covenant is set 10 years after Prometheus. A crew travels to an unexplored paradise hoping to find exactly that. They encounter sole inhabitant David (Michael Fassbender) and realize that the paradise they were hoping for is far, far from a utopia.


Alien (1979)

A commercial mining ship is heading back to Earth is diverted after receiving a signal from an unknown planetoid. The crew wakes to answer the signal only to find a destroyed ship laden with thousands of egg-like objects. One crew member approaches one of the eggs, it hatches, latches onto his face, and renders him unconscious. As the crew brings him onto the ship, the man wakes up seemingly fine but soon and alien bursts from his chest and grows rapidly and goes on a killing rampage.


Aliens (1986)

57 years after the first Alien encounter, sole survivor Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is found by a salvage team. Her horror story is not believed and when they arrive at LV-426, they find only one survivor, a 9-year old girl. But, this team of marines are no match for the aliens that has invaded the colony.


Alien 3 (1992)

Again, Ellen Ripley defeats the odds and escapes to a planet that is home to former inmates of the planet’s maximum security prison. Not much time has passed between Aliens and Alien 3. Unbeknownst to her, there were a few aliens aboard the ship she escaped on and before long, the aliens grow and hunt down anyone that crosses their path. They have no weapons nor technology of any kind and must battle the destructive creature.


Alien Resurrection (1997)

200 years later after Ellen Ripley died. A team of scientist clone Ellen Ripley by using genetic samples that were collected and remove the alien queen embryo that was growing inside of her. Attempting to revive the alien species, the scientists have no idea what they are in for as the aliens escape and destroy everything and everyone in their path.


By marrying horror and sci-fi, the Alien franchise paved a way to a new subgenre.

Check out our movie times for the latest installment of the world-renowned series, Alien: Covenant. We have other movies showing at Stars and Stripes Drive-In too! Take a look at our selection.

What We are Excited to See in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

May 2nd, 2017
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What We are Excited to See in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


On May 5th, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is zooming into Lubbock theaters and we could not be more excited. Last year, the Hollywood Reporter quotes that Guardians of the Galaxy was projected to gross $65 million, but smashed the box office expectations with a 94.3 million dollar US 2014 opening weekend debut.

With opening day of the highly-anticipated sequel creeping around the corner, we thought we would share a few things we are excited to see in Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2:



This one is obvious because everyone just about lost their minds when they saw the adorable sapling sprout in place of beloved Groot. We can’t get enough of this cuddly, baby, tree creature. For you Baby Groot skeptics out there, according to an article in Polygon director James Gunn states that making “Groot a baby was never a marketing ploy. Instead, Gunn said that he has troubles writing an adult Groot for the sequel” and that Baby Groot molded easily into the group.

Well, we can’t saw were mad about it. And we aren’t mad at they decided to put a tiny outfit onto his tiny, branchy body.


2. A Killer Soundtrack

In the first movie, the nostalgic, cassette mixtape had everyone over the age of 30 exuding soft giggles and reminiscent sighs of yesteryear. “Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2,” Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2’s soundtrack is bound to be an awesome partner to the first. If their trailer theme song, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, is a taste of what is to come, give us a heaping plate full and about 20 extra servings.


3. Family Oriented Sentiment

We are suckers for the plot line that focuses on a squad of misfit characters teaming up to save the world. There is something so relatable about the hodgepodge of characters, their quirky personalities, and their bantering group dynamic. Its familial feel broadens the definition of family. 

Also, we are interested to see what the father/son relationship looks like between Peter Quill and Ego, the (quite literal) Living Planet. Hmm…


4. Yo, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell

Although Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone won’t be sharing the screen together like they did in Tango & Cash, we are excited to see these stars added to the impressive cast list. With slight mystery around Stallone’s character and Kurt Russell as a literal astronomical force, it only adds to the anticipation.

We hope you are as excited as we are. Don’t just go to a regular movie theater in Lubbock to watch this epic movie. Watch Guardians with us at Stars and Stripes Drive-In Movie Theater in Lubbock. Get your tickets today.

See you soon!

The Lone Ranger

July 5th, 2013
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Go on a wild ride tonight on the frontiers of Texas. This is the legend of a Texas Ranger.

4th on Broadway Parade

July 4th, 2013
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Incredible experience being in our first 4th on Broadway parade today. We will never forget the cheers and smiling faces. Special thanks to the Caprock Classic Car Club, Inc.for joining us to celebrate our liberty with the community. Truly an awesome Lubbock event.

Independence Day

July 4th, 2013
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Happy Independence Day from our family to yours! We salute our service men & women, first-responders, and the patriots that paid for our freedom. ‪#‎Thankful‬

July 4th at the Drive-In

July 3rd, 2013
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A Wheelie told us yesterday that Stars & Stripes is THE place to be on July 4th because you can see fireworks being shot off all around while watching a fun movie! Aww shucks...what a compliment.