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Why Going to the Drive-in Movie Theater is the Cutest Date Idea in Lubbock: A Biased Perspective

May 11th, 2017
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Why Going to the Drive-in Movie Theater is the Cutest Date Idea in Lubbock: A Biased Perspective


In 1933, the first drive in movie theater opened in Camden, NJ. By the 1950s, the number of drive-ins sky rocketed to 4,000. Today, there are less than 400 still running in the United States. Yet, like a resilient super hero, Drive-In theaters refuse to die and to this day remain the quintessential, cute date night idea in Lubbock, Texas.

Don’t believe us? Let us convince you. Here are our reasons why going to the drive-in movie theater is the cutest date idea in Lubbock:


1. Novelty

Simply going to the drive-in movie theater in itself is just cool. How neat is it to take part in a 1950s pastime?



2. Sunsets Galore

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Nothing screams date night like watching the sunset. Going to the drive-in is a double whammy. It is the ideal place to watch a sunset AND you get to watch a movie. In fact, Stars and Stripes Lubbock was voted Best Place to Watch a Sunset in Lubbock by Avalanche Journal: The Best of Lubbock 2017 AND the Daily Toreador awarded us the Best Place to Take a Date – so you don’t have to just take our word for it.



3. Public Place, Private Space

Most of the time, dates require leaving the house. Drive-in Movie theaters marry the public nature of a date and almost the same intimacy as you have on your couch. And yes, people have brought couches. You can customize your experience to your liking: Open the back hatch or set up chairs/inflatable mattress in the bed of a pickup.



4. Unique Experience

When you go on a date night in Lubbock to Stars and Stripes, you aren’t simply going to a movie. You are going to 1 out of only 17 drive-in theaters in Texas. It’s a unique experience that most towns don’t have.



5. Two Movies for the Price of One

Not only the drive-in a great date night – it’s a cheap one! 8 dollars per person for two movies? Yes please.



6. Rockin' Eats & Tasty Treats

Who doesn’t love the dancing popcorn and soda in the staple Let’s All Go to the Lobby preview? Honestly, the advertising did its job because that popcorn looks delectable. Drive-ins have an awesome concession selection – not to mention the incredible ambiance at Stars and Stripes 50’s themed cafe. We have a robust menu and we don’t charge as much!




7. It’s F-U-N

Good Housekeeping rated Stars and Stripes the most underrated attraction in Texas saying that “the simple pleasure of watching a movie from your car can be far more enjoyable” than sitting in a movie theater. It’s a fun and comfortable experience for everyone.



8. Local Lovin’

Skip out on the lame corporate experience. Drive-in’s provide a personal and relational aspect to a special night out and you will be supporting local business!


Plan your next date night in Lubbock at Stars and Stripes. You won’t be disappointed.