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Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Birds of Prey!

January 29th, 2020

It’s an action-packed night of mischief and mayhem at Stars & Stripes Lubbock as the Clown Prince of Crime’s main squeeze returns to the big screen with Birds of Prey!

The film, who’s full title is Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), sees the return of Margot Robbie as the titular comic book femme fatale. Since the events of 2016’s Suicide Squad, Harley has broken up with her notorious boyfriend, the Joker, and is striking out on her own. But when a crime-lord known as the Black Mask stirs up trouble, Harley must team up with fellow gal pals Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya to bring the bad guy down.

In the comics, the character of Harley Quinn has traditionally been associated with the Gotham City Sirensa team consisting of Harley, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. When researching the role, however, Robbie thought it would be more fun to use the film as a platform to bring some of DC Comic’s lesser known female characters to light. The result is an explosive romp full of vixen vigilantes and super-powered shenanigans that is destined to delight!

Birds of Prey is rated R, however, so be sure to leave the kiddies with a sitter as you enjoy a fantabulous evening at Stars & Stripes Lubbock! Click the link below to get your tickets!


See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Dolittle!

January 10th, 2020

A beloved classic comes to stunning new life at Stars & Stripes Lubbock with the first family favorite of the new year! From Universal Pictures, it’s Dolittle!

Robert Downey Jr. stars as the veterinarian famous for his ability to speak, squeak, squawk and talk with a menagerie of animals. When Queen Victoria falls ill, the good doctor sets sail with said menagerie to a mythical island in search for a cure. Dolittle is certainly not the first big-screen adaptation of Hugh Lofting’s series of books. Most notably is the 1967 musical where Rex Harrison’s doctor tries to discover a giant sea snail, followed by the 1998 remake where Eddie Murphy’s doctor tries to… be a better husband and father? Not quite as spectacular, but still good.

Like the Eddie Murphy version, Dolittle features a star-studded cast of actors providing the voices for the doctor’s furry and feathery friends. There’s Emma Thompson as Polynesia, a parrot and Dolittle’s most trusted advisor. Octavia Spencer plays Dab-Dab, a duck with a metal leg. There’s John Cena as a polar bear, Ralph Fiennes as a tiger, Kumail Nanjiani as an ostrich, and Downey’s MCU costar Tom Holland as Jip, a dog who wears glasses.

Whether you speak to them, or not, your four-legged friends are welcome at Stars & Stripes Lubbock! Leash them up and bring them with the whole family to see Dolittle! Click the link below for your tickets!


See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

December 6th, 2019

All good things must come to an end, and at Stars & Stripes Lubbock, one of the greatest film sagas of all time does just that. From director J.J. Abrams, it’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

Since nine films over the course of 40-something years can be a lot to keep track of, here’s a quick recap of the saga to catch everyone up to speed.



The first installment of George Lucas’ “prequel trilogy” tells the story of a young boy named Anakin Skywalker, who teams up with a pair of mystical Jedi Knights to save the planet of young Queen Padmé Amidala from a greedy corporation. There’s also a dopey frog bunny named Jar Jar who steps in doo-doo… but most people don’t like to talk about that.



Ten years later, Anakin is a hot-headed apprentice to Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and assigned to protect Padmé (who is a senator now instead of a queen because that’s how things work) from assassins. The two fall in love and are married while Obi-Wan uncovers a separatist plot to overthrow the government. The Republic sends an army of clones to counter the threat, and thus the Clone Wars begin.



Chancellor Palpatine, head of the Galactic Senate, reveals to Anakin that he’s actually the mastermind behind the Clone Wars and persuades Anakin to join him as his right-hand man on his ascent to power. Palpatine declares himself Emperor and dispatches Anakin and the clones to wipe out the rest of the Jedi. Obi-Wan and Anakin duke it out on a lava planet where Anakin is severely burned. He dons a grotesque, but iconic, life support suit and becomes Darth Vader. Padmé is so heartbroken that she dies from sadness (because that’s also how things work) after giving birth to twins Luke and Leia. The twins are separated and hidden from their now evil father.



It’s the original masterpiece that started it all! Nineteen years later, Luke Skywalker sets out with his wise mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi and smuggler pal Han Solo to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Empire! Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan, but only because Obi-Wan lets him do so. (He’s a big picture kind of guy.) Meanwhile Luke and Han join Leia’s rebellion against the Empire and manage to blow up the Death Star, the Empire’s secret weapon capable of destroying an entire planet!



All the fun and games are over for our heroes as the Empire demands retribution for the rebels blowing up their favorite toy. Luke seeks training from the very old and wise Jedi Master Yoda while Han and Leia attempt to hide out with Han’s buddy Lando. In a series of unfortunate events, Lando betrays our heroes and Han is shipped off to slimy space gangster Jabba the Hutt. Darth Vader confronts Luke and reveals that he’s actually his father. Luke gets away, but only after Vader cuts off his hand. All in all, a really bad day for the rebels… but a great movie!



Luke, now a full-blown Jedi Knight, rescues Han from Jabba the Hutt, with the help of Leia and Lando… who’s a good guy now! (Yay!) Meanwhile, the Empire begins construction on a second Death Star… and then stops construction because Han, Leia, and the rebels manage to blow it too! Luke confronts his father, Darth Vader, and persuades him to turn. Vader kills Emperor Palpatine and then dies in his son’s arms. The whole gang celebrates their victory with a tribe of cute little space bears who were totally going to eat them earlier in the story! They’re cute, but THEY EAT PEOPLE!



Disney buys the franchise and cashes in with the return to everything we love! Han and Leia have a son now whose name is Ben, but he changes it to Kylo Ren after turning evil and joining forces with a bad guy named Snoke. Luke runs away discouraged and Snoke forms what he calls “the First Order” from the ashes of the fallen Empire. Rey, an orphaned scavenger, along with Finn, a turncoat Stormtrooper, race across the galaxy to find Luke before the First Order does. Kylo Ren murders his father, Han, but then has his mopey keister handed to him by newbie Rey. Star Wars is BACK and we are HERE FOR IT!



Rey locates Luke on a remote planet and pleads with him to come help take on the First Order. Luke’s very jaded at this point, however, and wants nothing to do with heroics. Meanwhile, the rebels’ spaceships are running out of gas and the First Order begins picking them off little-by-little. Rey gives up on Luke and attempts to instead change Kylo Ren’s mind about his evil allegiance. This plan appears successful for a moment as Kylo kills Snoke, but then things go back downhill when he just takes over as the First Order’s new ruler. All hope seems lost when Luke has a change of heart and uses every last of ounce of his power to distract the First Order while the rebels escape with Rey. The act proves to be too much for Luke, however, and he collapses and dies.


And that’s where we’re at! Will Rey and the gang manage to rally enough support to take on the First Order? Will Kylo Ren ultimately repent and change his ways? Is there ANOTHER DEATH STAR?!?! You’ll have to head to Stars & Stripes Lubbock to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to find out! Click the link below to get your tickets!

See you at the drive-in… and may the Force be with you!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Jumanji: The Next Level!

December 6th, 2019

Stars & Stripes Lubbock wants to welcome you back to the jungle with a rip-roaring return to the perilous world we can’t help but love! From Sony Pictures, it’s Jumanji: The Next Level!

In 2017, the previous Jumanji film introduced us to Spencer, Bethany, Fridge and Martha: a teenage set of unlikely friends who are magically transported into a mysterious videogame as an all-star set of avatars played by Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. Now, when Spencer is sucked back into the game, it’s up to his friends to go in after him. 

Things aren’t quite the same this time around, however, with Spencer’s grandpa Eddie (played by Danny DeVito) entering the game as Johnson’s avatar along with his elderly friend Milo (played by Danny Glover) as Hart’s character. So, in other words, the character Smolder Bravestone is played by Dwayne Johnson as Danny DeVito while Franklin Finbar is played by Kevin Hart as Danny Glover… and so on and so forth. Make sense? Movies are FUN!

And a night of fun is precisely what’s in store at Stars & Stripes Lubbock! Click the link below to get your tickets to Jumanji: The Next Level!


See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Frozen II!

November 8th, 2019

Expectations? Let them go! Stars & Stripes Lubbock is taking you ‘into the unknown’ with a highly-anticipated sequel that’s beyond your most whimsical imagination! Walt Disney Animation Studios presents their 58thanimated feature film, Frozen II!

In 2013, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf became household names virtually overnight and now, in what feels like the first time in forever, they’re all back! This time, the gang must travel beyond the borders of Arendelle into an enchanted forest to discover the origin of Elsa’s icy powers and save the kingdom once again.

Frozen II features the original cast consisting of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, as well as Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. Songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez return as well with a new lineup of heart-thawing songs! As many familiar faces as there are, however, the film also delivers its fair share of the new such as Sterling K. Brown as a soldier trapped in the aforementioned enchanted woods. There’s also powerful rock giants, magical water horses, an adorable salamander and Alfred Molina and Evan Rachel Wood playing the new voices for some old characters… Anna and Elsa’s parents!

It’s the epic dose of magic and adventure that you’d expect from the follow up to such a timeless classic! Bring the family, bundle up with some hot popcorn, and enjoy Frozen II at Stars & Stripes Lubbock!


See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Ford v Ferrari!

November 1st, 2019

Stars & Stripes Lubbock presents an adrenaline-charged underdog story filled with inspirational drama and pulsating excitement! From acclaimed director James Mangold and starring Academy Award winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale, it’s the thrilling true story, Ford v Ferrari!

When the Ford Motor Company sets out to buy Ferrari in 1963, and is subsequently turned down, Henry Ford II takes it personally. Hoping to beat the Italian manufacturer at its own game, Ford enlists automotive designer Carroll Shelby, played by Damon, to build a new car capable of beating Ferrari in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most prestigious races in the world. In addition to needing a fast car capable of high-endurance, Ford would also need a driver with the skills to match. That’s where Bale’s Ken Miles comes in. The film not only tells the story of Ford becoming an actual contender in the world of high-performance endurance racing, but of Shelby and Miles and the historic bond that is formed as the two men collaborate to achieve the impossible.

Whether you’re in a Ford or a Ferrari, you’ll want to start your engines and race to Stars & Stripes Lubbock to see Ford v Ferrari! But… you know… drive safely, of course.

See you at the drive-in! 

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Zombieland: Double Tap!

October 10th, 2019

It’s been 10 years to the date since the release of Columbia Pictures’ Zombieland, and Stars & Stripes Lubbock is celebrating with the highly-anticipated sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap!

When it comes to surviving a zombie apocalypse, there are a set of rules one must follow. The rules are about to change, however, as Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock face off against a new breed of zombie as well as a few more wacky survivors named after their points of origin. Newcomers include Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch, Luke Wilson and even Dan Akeroyd as himself… following suit of his fellow Ghostbuster Bill Murray’s famous cameo from the original.

It’s an action-packed dose of gratuitous gore and quick-witted comedy that only the first family of the apocalypse can deliver! Double CLICK on the link below and get your tickets to see Zombieland: Double Tap at Stars & Stripes Lubbock!

See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... The Addams Family!

October 9th, 2019

Things are altogether ooky at Stars & Stripes Lubbock as Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Fester, Lurch, Grandmama and Thing creep back onto the big screen… and this time in animated form… in The Addams Family!

Originally a comic strip that debuted in 1938, as well as a popular television series in the 1960’s, this film marks the third time the cooky Addams have graced theaters. In this incarnation, the family moves to New Jersey where they defy the norms of the 21stcentury just by being their grotesque-but-lovable selves. 

With Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Charlize Theron as Mortica, Nick Kroll as Fester and Bette Midler as Grandmama, one could easily see the cast take on their roles in another live-action adaptation, but are instead brought to life in a gloriously gruesome animation style reminiscent of the original comic strip.

So bring your little monsters (kids, pets, cousins, things, etc.) to Stars & Stripes Lubbock and pay a call on The Addams Family! Getting your tickets is a snap! Just click the link below!


See you at the drive-in!

Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Joker!

September 27th, 2019

Terrifying clowns are all the rage these days and the Clown Prince himself is finally getting his own origin story as Stars & Stripes Lubbock brings you Joker!

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck, a down on his luck clown that just wants to make everyone laugh. After a series of hardships and failures, Fleck turns to a life of crime and chaos, donning the persona of Joker, the maniacal villain who’s anything but funny.

Audiences are certainly no stranger to Batman’s arch nemesis. Phoenix makes the fifth actor to portray the Joker in a live-action adaptation. The film is also the first since 2013’s Man of Steelto stray from the DC Universe continuity with its own standalone character study. So don’t expect any Will Smith quips or bright-eyed foster children with super powers. Joker is rated R for a reason, and promises to be a dark and gritty psychological thriller that’s more social commentary than it is exploding whoopee cushion.

Join Stars & Stripes Lubbock under the pale moon light with Joker! Click the link below to get your tickets.

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Stars and Stripes Lubbock presents... Abominable!

September 20th, 2019

You’ll climb the highest peak, surf across a grassy meadow, and soar through the sky on a cloud as Stars & Stripes Lubbock brings you Dreamworks Animation’s Abominable!

Travel to a never before seen world within our very own as Yi, a teenage girl in Shanghai, discovers the impossible – a lost Yeti, named Everest, on her own apartment roof! With the help of her mischievous neighborhood friends Jin and Peng, Yi sets out on a magical quest to return Everest home and make some huge self-discoveries along the way.

Abominable is directed by Jill Culton who, with her debut on Sony Pictures’ Open Season, became the first female director of a big budget computer-animated film. Chloe Bennet, best known as Skye from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,stars as Yi along with a cast that includes Eddie Izzard and Sarah Paulson in her first voice-acting role.

Abominable is an epic story of friendship that scales new heights with character and animation, and it’s at Stars & Stripes Lubbock! Click the link below to get your tickets!


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